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Dog Tips | Winter Hiking with your Dog

As you prepare to head out on your next winter adventure, make sure your dog is prepared as well. We are sharing our tips to ensuring your beloved companion is safe on the trail this winter.


There may be snow on the ground, but that does not mean it is a good source for your dog to stay hydrated on the trail. Make sure you bring plenty of water and a collapsible bowl.


Depending on your dog, you might want to consider a jacket to give your pup an added layer of warmth for those colder days. I also find that an added layer will help protect those snowballs from forming on their coat. There are so many great jacket options out there, but we are big fans of the Kurgo Loft Jacket. This is a great jacket for your athletic dog, and it is water-resistant.


Make sure you bring some treats with you as your pup will burn some extra calories on the trail.


Snow buildup in the paws can be very painful for your pup. There are some great options to protect those paws. We are big fans of the Mountain Ridge dog booties. If your pup is anti-dog booties, Mushers Secret might be the way to go.


It is in everyone’s best interest to know the terrain you are heading to. What is the snow pack? Is there avalanche danger? Are there rivers and lakes nearby? Is the trail dog-friendly? Knowing where you are heading and the conditions of the trail will ensure the safety of you and your pups.

Waggin Tails, Happy Travels!

Krista and The Pups

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