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Where it all began.....

I thought it was only fitting to take you back to where my love of traveling with my pups started. I was set to head out to Cape Cod back in 2009. A week from my departure date, the thought of that trip did not excite me. My inner voice and desires were telling me that it was time to change my plans. That is when I made the call and said that I was not going. I did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or have them take it personal, but it was time for me to do something different. It was time to think of myself and do something that would bring me joy and set fire to my soul.

I started thinking of where I wanted to go and who I wanted to travel with. I realized that I did not want anyone else to travel with me other than my favorite four-legged companion, Gracie. I wanted a trip that was on our terms. I had a strong urge for a road trip, but was not sure on where to go. I live in a beautiful state that has so many wonderful places to visit. However, I did not want to stay local. The Pacific Northwest had always been a place I had wanted to go. It was settled, Gracie and I were going to hit the open road and make our way to Washington. Just a single girl and her best friend.

When I informed friends and family of my change of plans, I was getting a mixture of comments. You are going by yourself! Is that safe? I could never do something like that. I am proud of you. You are so brave. I was flattered by their comments and appreciated those who were concerned, but in my mind, why not travel on your own? Why not go feed your appetite for adventure? Why not go and challenge yourself? Why not go against what seemed to be the norm of a woman traveling solo?

I did do some research in the week leading up to my trip on areas of interest, possible places to stay, and dog friendly activities, but did not have a defined agenda. We just drove and if something was of interest, we would stop and explore. We arrived at places in hopes that some campsite would be would be available. Did I forget to mention we camped along the way? Lucky for us, it was smooth sailing.

The trip was beyond my expectations. Traveling solo, at least for me was a very rewarding, challenging and an empowering experience. It gave me a chance to go outside my comfort zone, learn more about myself and dig deeper into my desires and wants. I met some wonderful people along the way who provided me with great conversation, laughter and some travel tips.

It was an instant love connection between the Pacific Northwest and us. We are looking forward to sharing our favorite destinations and adventures in our upcoming posts. We hope to provide you with a little inspiration on your next journey.

Waggin Tails and Happy Travels, Krista and Gracie


© 2023 Krista Kirkeeide

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